Dr. Burt has taught at Columbia University, New York University, and the Catholic University of Peru. She is currently an associate professor of political science at George Mason University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses focusing on comparative politics, social movements, human rights, and Latin American politics.

Courses taught

Comparative Politics Courses

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (undergraduate and graduate level)
  • Graduate Seminar: Comparative Politics
  • Graduate Seminar: State and Society in the Developing World
  • Graduate Seminar:¬†Social Movements and Revolution
  • Graduate Seminar: The Politics of Truth and Justice: Transitional Justice in Comparative Perspective

Latin American Politics Courses

  • Government & Politics of Latin America
  • Conflict in the Andes
  • Political Violence in Latin America
  • Radical Politics and Social Movements in Latin America
  • Honors 230 Cross-Cultural Perspectives: The Culture and Politics of Latin America through Scholarship, Literature and Film. Undergraduate course for College of Arts & Sciences Honors Program
  • Study Abroad: The Cuban Revolution: History, Politics & Culture